Nathan paused at the kitchen counter, his morning coffee in mid-pour, as his seven-year-old son, Alvie, poked him in the leg.

“What is it, Alvie?”

“Dad, I’m going after a Moo.” Alvie stated proudly to his father.

Nathan sat the coffee pot down on the counter.

“Okay.  Forgive me, but what is a moo, exactly?”

Alvie took Nathan’s hand and pulled him over toward the kitchen table.  He climbed up into a chair and unrolled the piece of paper that he had in his other hand, spreading it out on the table.

“I don’t really know for sure.  The cows are always on the lookout for whatever a Moo is, though, so I think maybe they can see them, and we can’t.”  He pointed to the paper, what turned out to be a map of their property, hand drawn in crayon.  “See?  The cows say ‘Moo’ a lot down here where I buried my truck.”  Alvie pointed to a big red X located just under some trees that Nathan thought were fairly well drawn.

“I see.  Not to get off topic, but why did you bury your truck?”

Alvie gave an exasperated sigh, “Dad, that’s where my soldier had to ditch it so that enemy agents wouldn’t discover which way he took to the pond!  He had to hike the last little bit to throw them off for sure.”

Nathan nodded.  “Uh huh, and, your soldier, where is he now?”

“Dad.” Alvie said, annoyed, “I told you, he went to the pond in the forest where a sub was waiting to take him to the underwater kingdom of superheroes.  Can we look at my map now?”

“Okay, okay.  What’s this?” Nathan pointed to a blue X closer to the house.

“That’s where mom’s gonna stand and wait with the trash can.”

“Well, sure.” Nathan said stroking his chin in pretend thought, “because, as everyone knows, trash cans are great for…” he looked to Alvie.

“She’ll stop the Moo from escaping in his invisible rocket ship!”

Nathan mumbled along with his son, just finishing ‘rocket ship’ a beat after Alvie.

“Right, right.  See, I’m with ya.  I just had to make sure you knew.  Make sure your plan was solid.  Which it is.  Good job!  The invisible rocket ship that the Moo will try and get away in.  True,” Nathan shrugged, “not a very strong rocket, stopped like it is by a simple trash can, but, you know, we humans can build some pretty great stuff.  And, I mean c’mon, this is a Moo, right?  How bright can they be if the cows are on to them?”

Alvie started to carefully roll up his map.

“So you think you can do your part of the plan, Dad?”

“Whoa, well now, we kind of skipped that part.  What am I supposed to do?”

Alvie hopped off the chair and stuck the map in the back pocket of his jeans.  “You hold the net while I chase the Moo into it with my laser gun.  The cows will tell me when to start chasing.  They poop a lot when the Moo is close.  Make sure the Moo doesn’t sting you with its stinger, Dad.  I think that’s why the cows poop so much.  Moo stings make you poop funny.”

Nathan hid a smirk.  “Okay, that’s enough with the poop talk.”  Nathan brushed his hand over Alvie’s head and watched as his son quickly headed out into the backyard.  “Wait a minute, what net?” Nathan asked the slamming screen door.

Just then, Nathan heard his wife, Joanna, scream from upstairs.

“This is my new sheet! ALVIE SAMUEL HARRISON!”